"impacting a youth culture for christ"


what is klife

KLIFE is a community-wide, interdenominational Christian ministry of discipleship and fellowship for youth and their families. Through a variety of activities (klubs, small group Bible studies, mission trips, ski trips, and monthly events), KLIFE kids grow in their faith and have lots of fun in the process. They learn that following Christ and discovering His plan for their life is the most exciting adventure of all and that they can count on friendship and support from leaders and peers who care.

KLIFE works alongside churches and families in the community to teach and encourage kids to be strong in the Lord in spite of all the negative pressures they face as teenagers. KLIFE networks kids from different churches, and those without a church affiliation, to build positive, Godly relationships that can withstand the negative peer pressure so prevalent in today’s youth culture.

The heartbeat of KLIFE lies in the ability to build relationships with kids and bring the content of God’s word to bear on those relationships. Our desire is that kids would choose to participate in one of our small groups led by our staff and volunteer leaders. The purpose of these groups is for kids to gain a greater knowledge of God’s word, build Godly relationships with peers, and have access to a mentoring leader to come alongside them as they navigate those difficult adolescent years. Supporting and surrounding our small group strategy are the more visible components of our ministry: weekly klub meetings, activities, events, and retreats. Weekly meetings consist of songs, games, skits, and talks that contain a lesson with a relevant life application from the Bible.

We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us.

– I Thessalonians 2:8

model of ministry

One to Many - In this format our desire is to fill a room with kids who can participate in a safe environment with lots of energy, laughter, and fellowship. A place where the truth is heard and the right to build a relationship begins to be earned. This level features weekly Klubs and events.

One to Few - Our small groups are same-gender peers that gather on a weekly basis with a trained leader to study scripture, encourage spiritual growth, and promote accountability within the group. Other aspects of this level include going to kids sporting events, sleepovers on the weekend, and playing in the dodgeball tournament once a year.

One to One - Our small group leaders are trained to pursue their kids not only outside of small group but also away from the small group in a one-on-one setting. This context often is necessary to delve into the deepest issues students face as well as provide the greatest genuine encouragement. This level truly embodies our theme verse of 1 Thes 2:8 where Paul says we share our life with our disciples.


How each chapter is funded

KLIFE is a non-profit organization. We do not receive any funding from a specific church denomination, Kanakuk Kamps or any other organizations. We are completely funded by the generosity of the community we’re in. 

 The majority of KLIFE funding comes from local families. These families either have students involved or believe in the mission of the ministry.

The majority of KLIFE funding comes from local families. These families either have students involved or believe in the mission of the ministry.

 KLIFE also relies on local businesses to give monthly or to fundraisers. 

KLIFE also relies on local businesses to give monthly or to fundraisers. 

 Big and small churches also partner with KLIFE to give either annually or monthly. 

Big and small churches also partner with KLIFE to give either annually or monthly. 

 KLIFE seeks funding through grant writing as well. 

KLIFE seeks funding through grant writing as well. 

meet our staff


Don Ford | President

Don Ford serves as the President of KLIFE Ministries. He also works for Kanakuk Kamps, K-2, as Co-Director. He is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Don and his wife, Jennifer, were married in the summer of 2011. Don began to work at K-2 in 1984 as a counselor. He joined Kanakuk full-time in 1999 where he was the President of AfterDark. Don became the president of KLIFE Ministries in March of 2014. He and Jennifer are passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus with teenagers and Kamp staff. 


Taylor Clark | Regional Director

Taylor is from Muskogee, OK and graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a degree in Sociology. He attended the Kanakuk Institute in 2012 and finished his Masters in Ministry from John Brown University in 2013. Taylor was the Chapter Director for Enid KLIFE in Oklahoma for 3 years before joining the National Support Center in 2015. 


kyle williamson | Regional Director

Kyle is from Pendleton, IN and graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a degree in Education. Kyle worked for Conway KLIFE for 6 years. He joined the National Support Center in 2016. He married his wife Janelle in 2011.

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Brandon Briscoe | Regional Director

Brandon is from Plano, TX and graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in Ministry. Brandon worked for Columbia KLIFE for 4 years. He joined the National Support Center in 2017. 


Kaitlyn Cathey | Women's Shepherd

Kaitlyn is from Granbury, Texas, and graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Communication. She continued her education with the Kanakuk Institute and finished her Masters in Ministry from John Brown University in 2013. Kaitlyn served as the Women's Director for Stillwater KLIFE in Oklahoma for 4 years before joining the National Support Center in 2016. 

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Chelsea Harrison | Women's Shepherd

Chelsea is from Jefferson City, MO and graduated from Truman State University with a degree in Communication.  Chelsea volunteered for KLIFE for 6 years, and then was the Part-Time Women's Director for 6 years in Kirksville, MO.  Chelsea married her husband, Kevin, in August of 2009.  Together, they have three children; Charli, Mattie Mae, and Liam.  


The National Board

The KLIFE National Board is comprised of people from around the country who have been connected to KLIFE in some capacity. They are in active pursuit of Christ and they continue to develop KLIFE by faithfully praying, supporting, and assisting the ministry.

Chip Brookhart

Jill Brown

Michael Colby

Don Ford

Doug Goodwin

David Hudiburg

Bob Thorpe

Thomas Walker

start a klife

KLIFE Ministries, Inc. is committed to growing. More importantly we are committed to growing with partners that are able to sustain the ministry over time. Health and longevity are important. If you are interested in bringing KLIFE to your community, please CLICK HERE to fill out a quick questionnaire.


Upon receiving this community profile form, we will then contact you via phone to discuss the next steps. Thank you for considering KLIFE as an option for reaching the youth culture of your community for Christ.


Our purpose is to impact a youth culture through the context of lasting relationships and the content of God’s Word resulting in transformed lives. Our goal to disciple, mentor, encourage, and support the youth across the country happens largely through our extraordinary KLIFE Staff and their volunteers.

KLIFE is looking for exceptional young men and women with a fully surrendered heart for Jesus Christ and a desire to helping teenagers to do the same. If you want to join a team that is passionate about seeing lives transformed by the Gospel, come be a part of what God is doing through KLIFE!

Join our Staff Today!

Understand our Full-Time Staff Application Process:

We do interviews throughout the year, but most of our new staff is hired to begin in the fall school semester of each year. Beginning February 1, we will know where openings are for our local Chapters and allow local Boards to review recommended candidates. Our goal is to have each position filled by April 1. That said, our Staff needs are expanding and positions come open throughout the year.

  • Step 1: Fill out an interest survey to begin the process of being on staff.

  • Step 2: Someone from our National Support Center will follow up with you.

  • Step 3: Fill out the Full-Time Staff Application from link provided by our NSC Staff (National background checks are run and all references are called and questioned).

  • Step 4: One hour personal interview (in person or on Skype or phone) with one of our NSC Staff.

  • Step 5: After February 1, NSC will communicate if you have been selected to interview with a local Chapter.

KLIFE Ministries has zero tolerance for abuse. We take abuse seriously and do prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. To ensure the safety of the kids involved, completion of the application process is mandatory in our screening process. Interactions with youth will be monitored and a code of conduct must be signed and adhered to.

Our National office will keep you informed as much as possible of the process.

We look forward to visiting with you and seeing if the Lord will call you to serve alongside us at KLIFE!

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