“KLIFE is awesome because the staff are just plain and simply amazing! Coming to KLIFE, you know you’re going to hear a great lesson on how to live your life more like Jesus.” - 7th Grade Boy

“The KLIFE staff do a great job of combining a lot of fun with deep lessons and worship for God. It has also provided me with a great circle of friends that I can depend on to back me up in the daily struggles of junior high.” - 8th Grade Boy

“KLIFE has been such a blessing in my life. It has really changed me for the better and makes me excited to learn about God! Before I went to KLIFE, I was not as vocal about God as I am now.” - 9th Grade Girl

“As I get older, KLIFE has become an even more important part of my life. My favorite thing about KLIFE is the amount of joy and love the staff and leaders have for everyone involved.” - 10th Grade Girl

“Making some of the biggest choices of my life in these years, sometimes I need more advice than just my parents can give me! KLIFE has been that place I know I can go to for Godly advice.” - 11th Grade Boy

“KLIFE is a place where your brothers and sisters in Christ are there for you when you need them the most. I’m thankful for how KLIFE has helped me grow as a believer and taught me how to make disciples.” - 12th Grade Girl

“We moved to Dallas a year ago and KLIFE immediately gave our son a solid group of friends. The mentoring he gets from the staff is immeasurable. We try to get him to any KLIFE event because we know they care about his heart.” - Mother of 10th Grade Boy

“What a blessing KLIFE has been to our family for over two decades! It’s challenging to sum up what KLIFE means to us, the role it has played, and continues to play in our lives. We have been on the receiving end of the discipleship as students, as well as being leaders - investing ourselves into the lives of kids. The christian examples of leadership, passion, sincerity and pursuit of God have been encouraging and impacting to us as a family. We have been fortunate to see this leadership and commitment to disciple kids for Christ from the perspective as students, leaders, parents, and board members. We are grateful that God has provided and continues to call quality young men and women to serve Him and our community.” - Former KLIFE Students, Volunteers, Board Members

"KLIFE has been such a blessing to our family over the years and continues to play an important role in our lives. Our children have attended Klub and have been active in small groups and we are proud to see them involved in a ministry that really models compassion and a servant’s heart. We were excited to have the opportunity to be a part of KLIFE as board members and to serve in this ministry together as a family. It has brought us closer. The quality of leadership among the staff is evident and their strong focus on discipleship is a testament to how this organization has grown and developed throughout the last 40 years! As parents we are hopeful that our kids continue to know the love of God and KLIFE is well equipped to be a place where anyone can see that love, feel it, and learn to share It with others.” - KLIFE Board Members